A new day. A new world.

We are living in extraordinary times. The world is changing, business is changing, and work is changing at an unprecedented pace. Through the power of digital technology you can talk to and see anyone, anywhere at any time. Better than that, you can also interview and hire anyone from anywhere at any time. In other words, you now have access to the world’s best talent. Imagine what that can do for your business.

One question: Who is going to introduce you to this world of talent? One answer: Halcyon Nassau Executive Partners. We have over 40 years of experience in scouting and nurturing (executive) talent. Which also means 40 years of networking, all over the globe. Our international reach stretches from Brussels to Beijing. If you want to dip your toe in the global talent pool, this is the best place to start.


Be prepared for the new corporate landscape.

Instead of just reacting to change, you can embrace it and thrive. Halcyon Nassau introduces you to the new ways to search, connect and find executive talent globally. We will challenge you, make you think in a fresh and different way. To explore insights and strategic consequences, to help your organisation succeed in big ways. Put simply, we provide the most effective way to identify and nurture your talent needs.

Five areas of excellence.

Next level executive search.

At the heart of every successful venture lies a profound understanding of its core – the business, the market it thrives in, the strategy that propels it forward, and the culture behind its growth. This understanding guides our executive search. We delve
beyond the surface, seeking to understand the essence of your unique story, ensuring that the talent we discover for you isn’t just qualified, but fits perfectly with your vision.
The right leadership can transform potential into achievement, ambition into reality, and challenges into triumphs. We’re not just finding you an executive; we’re helping you find a catalyst for change, a leader who aligns seamlessly with the journey you are on and the destination you aspire to reach.

Never underestimate the value of interim internationally focused executives.

Halcyon Nassau will help you find the right interim executives. That unique blend of experience and adaptability, enabling them to meld into the fabric of your company swiftly and seamlessly. Bringing fresh perspectives to longstanding challenges,
igniting momentum in stalled projects, and infusing energy into the international teams they lead.

Superior market intelligence and talent mapping.

Imagine a partner that maps the contours of your industry’s future with precision, offering solutions that are both innovative and actionable. We empower you with intelligence that cuts through the noise, giving you clarity and a competitive edge. Our talent mapping is not just about connecting dots; it’s about uncovering hidden gems, the kind of transformative talent that can propel your organisation to new heights.

The art of leadership assessment and development.

Our approach to leadership assessment and development is a fine art, honed through years of expertise and a deep understanding of the nuances that define successful leadership. We believe in the power of transformation that starts from
within, meticulously sculpting the competencies and skills of your executives to align with the way your company does business.

With Halcyon Nassau, you gain more than insights; you gain a partner in shaping leaders who are not just effective, but inspirational. Leaders who don’t just manage but empower. Leaders who will not merely navigate the future but will help design it.

Objective board advisory.

We provide objective unbiased advice on key strategic talent issues, empowering your board to make decisions that are both visionary and pragmatically sound. Our expertise becomes your competitive advantage, enabling you to navigate the complexities of today’s market with confidence and clarity. We believe that the right guidance at board level can be transformative, setting the course for sustainable growth and success.

Worldwide Network

Our worldwide network, your worldwide talent pool


Navigating global markets for top executives

Our team comprises of dedicated specialists in executive search, operating on a global scale. With a deep understanding of diverse industries and a vast network that spans continents. We excel at identifying and attracting top executive talent and specialists for businesses around the world. Our approach is tailored to each client’s unique needs, ensuring a perfect match between roles and exceptional candidates. By leveraging our expertise and global reach, we empower organisations to build strong, dynamic leadership teams that drive success in today’s competitive marketplace.

Julien Perez
Managing Partner/ Co Founder
+33 (6) 2872 2092
linkedIn: Julien PEREZ | LinkedIn

Julien Perez holds a double university degree in law and economics (Paris X), followed by a Masters in strategy and public and political decision-making from the Institut Supérieur du Management Public et Politique de Paris (ISMaPP). He has held positions of responsibility from the very start of his career, working with leading French politicians at both local and national level. It was by working in sensitive political environments with high strategic stakes that he acquired the specific skills that naturally led him to consultancy.

Building on this experience and driven by new challenges, he set about developing a recruitment consultancy dedicated to executive search. For almost 10 years, he developed a unique, creative and innovative approach.

Multilingual, passionate and determined, he relies daily on his ability to share his experience and expertise with the organisations and senior executives he advises, in both the public and private sectors, in France and abroad. His values, his mastery of active listening and the uniqueness of his approach led him to found Halcyon Executive. He brought together a close-knit team with a rigorous approach and a proven track record. Committed, willing and complementary, they all share his vision.

Remy Rodenhuis
Managing Partner/ Co Founder
+31(6) 2426 8688
linkedIn: Remy Rodenhuis | LinkedIn

Remy Rodenhuis has an enormous wealth of experience in the area of Executive Search and has been active in this field for more than 30 years. Over the years he has worked for a wide range of clients in various sectors. As well as being Managing Director of the Nassau Group for the last 10 years, in charge of the office of some 10 people, he has also been active in the international field of finding and nurturing talented directors and C level people.

Remy’s educational background is a mix of Human Resource Management and Business Administration. Whilst studying for his Master’s Degree in Culture, Organisation and Management (COM) he specialised in the cultural dimension of management and organisations. During this study, attention was given to the questions of organisational culture, ethnic groups and diversity in (transnational) organisational contexts from a national as well as an international perspective. Thereafter, the study concentrated on intervention strategies for culture change, which are linked with a company’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Over the last years Remy has been active in the field of search, assessment and (career) coaching for executive staff, managers, specialists and board members. He can be described as entrepreneurial, result focussed and explicit.

Rachid Dray
Associate Partner
+33 6 1181 3632
LinkedIn: Rachid Dray | LinkedIn

Having graduated from HEC in 2007, Rachid Dray has over 15 years’ experience in entrepreneurship, management and consultancy, both in CAC 40 companies (M6, Unibail Rodamco) and SMEs.

A former director of a national accountancy group, he regularly works with private clients (start-ups, SMEs and investment funds), especially in the following areas:

  • business strategy and management
  • legal structuring
  • raising capital
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • organisation and management of human resources
  • marketing

Stefanie Baltus
+31 (0) 6 4131 1792
LinkedIn: Stefanie Baltus | LinkedIn

Stefanie Baltus has had a lot of experience in the field of Human Resources within various international organisations such as JLG Industries, Oshkosh Corporation and Cargill, amongst many others. As a real business partner, her strength lies in transposing and implementing HRM issues into the business. She builds bridges between managers, employees and processes.

She is known for having a result-driven, project approach with a strong focus on implementation within the business and amongst staff. She is currently working as Interim Manager and Advisor. She is often asked to step in when there are issues with her specialisations: labour laws (Reorganisation and Restructuring, Outsourcing and Collective Labour Agreements), performance and talent management.

She applies this knowledge for the Nassau Group. In 2012 Stefanie completed a Mastering Management course, which focuses on creating added value for companies in the areas of leadership and skill development. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Economics. She can be described as optimistic, enterprising and result-focussed. Working well together and pleasure in your work are very important to her.

Katelijne Berré
+32 484 819 044
LinkedIn: Katelijne Berré | LinkedIn

Vera Klaus
Associate Partner
+32 495 32 91 62
linkedIn: Vera Klaus | LinkedIn

Vera Klaus decided to go abroad immediately for one year after secondary school. She spent time in the US, San Francisco and Spain, Madrid. This set the tone for her lifestyle as she embraced different cultures. As such she has lived and worked in 7 countries.

Having successfully finished her business school she went back to her beloved Madrid, studied Spanish, and stayed on for a few years. Back in the Netherlands, she started her career as the assistant to one of the advisors of the Minister for Education and Culture, she learned how to deal with time pressure, multi-tasking and setting priorities. Vera also worked for an international Business Centre in The Hague, where she managed a team of 10, dealt with highly demanding clients, understanding their needs, and seeing to this with her team in an upbeat way, making her clients smile with her unwavering enthusiasm and sense of humor. Love sent her to Brussels, Paris, Stockholm, Köln. In Stockholm and Köln, she was a freelance translator and a volunteer at an international school, teaching children English and Math.

A detour took her back to Brussels, where she started within executive search. In 2001 she became the co-founder of Phoenix Executive, an international research and executive search firm, which she managed to grow with her team to close to 20 fixed employees, with an additional pool of interns. Lately she and her business partner, Christine Heeger, are focusing on getting more women in executive committee positions and board functions, through their partnership with Forté Foundation in the US. Vera is a true believer in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Vera is also a proud mom, adores her dog, loves her family and spending time with them and friends around large dinner tables within her ever multi-cultural and international environment.

Christine Heeger
Associate Partner
linkedIn: Christine Heeger | LinkedIn

Christine Heeger developed the ability to adapt to diverse cultures and beliefs through her international experiences gained in Switzerland, Russia, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Germany and Belgium. She started her career in the banking sector, initially as a trainee in Germany, and later as a Private Banker in Luxembourg providing counsel to high-net-worth clients on a range of investment opportunities including bonds, equities, currencies and derivatives. Drawing on this experience she played a significant role when she joined Phoenix Executive, a global recruitment partner dedicated to gender equality, in establishing and running the banking and finance division on a global scale. Over the years she conducted various assignments in different industry sectors, thereby enhancing her expertise in international and diversity executive search for the private and public sectors. Christine holds a Master’s Degree in Economics (Diplom-Volkswirtin) from the University of Münster, a Diploma in Translation from the Chartered Institute of Linguists in London and a Diplôme d’études universitaires générales from the University of Paris – Nanterre.

Peter Keijzer
Entrepreneur, Tech Watcher
+31 (0) 6 5381 9588
linkedIn: Peter Keijzer | LinkedIn

Peter Keijzer is a seasoned entrepreneur and an avid tech enthusiast, passionate about innovation and forward-thinking solutions. With a rich background spanning four decades in the business world, Peter has established himself as a visionary leader and a reliable advisor within the tech and digital sectors.

From a young age, Peter’s natural curiosity for emerging technologies set him on his entrepreneurial path. In his early thirties, he launched his first startup, which introduced Dell to the Benelux region. This marked the beginning of a series of ventures where his sharp insight and strategic prowess helped navigate the constantly evolving tech landscape.

Renowned for his dynamic optimism and boundless energy, Peter stands out as an entrepreneur who inspires growth and drives momentum. Over the years, he has evolved into a mentor and advisor, empowering leaders, teams, and companies to seize growth opportunities and achieve success.

At the core of Peter’s skill set is his remarkable ability to grasp complex business concepts quickly, simplify them, and lead with inspirational clarity. His dedication to mentoring others in strategic and creative thinking underpins his innovative approach to problem-solving, turning challenges into opportunities for progress.

Peter’s role as a motivator is characterized by his charisma, enthusiasm, and positivity. He connects effortlessly with people, creating an environment where collaboration and empowerment flourish. His approachable nature is backed by a strong sense of confidence and determination, driving him to advocate for new ideas and positive change.

Beyond his professional achievements, Peter shines as a source of positive influence. His extensive network, expertise, and infectious energy not only uplift those around him but also enhance his commitment to innovation and growth, influencing the future direction of the tech industry.

Peter Keijzer’s continuous pursuit of excellence and his firm belief in the power of positivity and collaboration highlight his enduring impact as a leader, mentor, and visionary in entrepreneurship and technology.

Max Bentinck
Business Development
+31 (0) 6 5140 4057
linkedIn: Max Bentinck | LinkedIn

Finding exceptional people is in the detail.

At the heart of every successful business is a leader whose potential was recognised and supported from the outset. We understand that the search for such exceptional individuals is often a quest for the small and hidden details. We approach this responsibility with the utmost respect and diligence. Our method is not just about research; it’s a consultative journey, grounded in a proven strategy that consistently delivers sharp and impactful outcomes. This approach has transformed and elevated the performance of hundreds of companies, turning potential into measurable success.

Tailored search.

Our approach is exhaustive and bespoke, designed to break the mould of “one-size-fits-all”. With tailor-made market research strategies, we extend your target territory, reaching beyond the standard to uncover the extraordinary. We are not just “searchers” we are strategic partners committed to a thorough and expansive quest. As your ally, we promise to unearth not just any leader or specialist, but the right leader or specialist —who matches and reflects the trajectory of your organisation’s growth and evolution.

Critical candidate assessment.

By the time candidates reach your consideration, we will have invested many hours in personal interviews that go beyond the surface. Probing into their professional ethos. Our competency-based assessments are rigorous and revealing, designed to
gauge not just what they have achieved, but how they have navigated their path to achievement.

Where appropriate, we introduce case study exercises to challenge their strategic thinking and decision-making skills in real-time, providing a transparent view of their potential impact on your organisation. We are dedicated to presenting you with not just candidates, but pillars of leadership whose readiness and relevance to your unique challenges have been thoroughly
vetted. Trust in our process to introduce you to the keystones of your company’s future success.

Diligent reference checking.

At the foundation of a successful placement lies a process steeped in diligence and attention to detail. Our reference checking protocol is not just a formality, it’s a critical pillar in the search process. We understand that the introduction of a candidate to our client’s hiring panel signifies a pivotal moment in the executive search journey.

As you pinpoint your finalists, we engage in a carefully structured reference check process, reaching out to former superiors, peers, and subordinates alike. This multifaceted approach offers a 360-degree view of the candidate’s professional
demeanour, work ethic, leadership style, and impact.

Insightful reporting.

Our reporting is based on being informative and engaging. We distil complex market analytics and candidate evaluations into readable, concise documents, tailored to resonate with your unique style and business perspective.
Imagine reports that speak your language, designed not to overwhelm, but to enlighten, allowing the salient points to shine. We strive for clarity without sacrificing depth, ensuring you can navigate the nuances of your hiring decision with the ease
of an expert.

Perfect placements for long-term success.

That is always our goal. Our role extends beyond the mere signing of agreements. We become stewards of transition, supporting the candidate in their integration into the new role, ensuring they are not only placed but poised to thrive. This support is not fleeting; it is a sustained commitment, continuing for months, reflecting our dedication to long-term success.



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